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The English Faculty supports students to use their imagination, thinking skills, personal perspectives and creativity to interpret and construct English texts. Students share ideas, give explanations, persuade audiences, address issues and events relevant to their own lives and to various communities. They come to recognise how language is part of sharing understandings. They analyse and evaluate different texts and how these texts work on audiences. They evaluate how a variety of texts represent knowledge, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge.

Students work both individually and cooperatively to interpret and construct texts suited to different subject matter and purpose. Students reflect on their own and others' language choices to achieve particular purposes, and they reflect on how to apply their learning in future applications. Students select and use a range of tools and technologies, including ICTs, for:

•gaining knowledge and understanding

•interpreting texts

•constructing texts

•appreciating texts


In Years 11-12, students choose either ‘Authority’ English or English Communication (ENC).

While the teaching of literacy is a whole-school responsibility, English has a special responsibility to language development. 

The English Faculty encourages students to participate in competitions which test English knowledge and skills. These include district debating and public speaking competitions, the International Competition and Assessment for Schools run by the University of New South Wales and various writing competitions.

Quality work and good effort are celebrated on a daily basis through the school rewards system.

Faculty staff and resources are predominantly located in P block. 

Ms Helen Tenison-Woods

Head of Department English


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