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Woree State High School has an explicit focus on improving student outcomes, literacy and numeracy, student well-being and engagement. 

The enrolment process is designed to ensure students entering our school are well prepared and supported to achieve their educational goals.

On the 4 July 2014 the school was approved to manage its future enrolment intake using an Enrolment Management Plan. The essence of the plan distinguishes between students in the local catchment area to those outside this catchment.

A school’s local catchment area is the geographical area from which the school is to have its core intake of students. A catchment map defines the catchment area for Woree State High School. A copy of this map can be viewed online at:

Any student, whose principal place of residence is within the school’s catchment area, is eligible for enrolment at the school. The school Principal will also reserve places for students who move into the catchment area throughout the school year.

  • Enrolment Management Plan

    The student enrolment capacity of Woree State High School and the SchoolTech program.

  • Scholarships

    Woree State High School 2020 STEM and Instrumental Music scholarships.