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Student Resources Scheme

Our school community has operated a full hire scheme since 1990. The scheme operates solely to benefit students and parent/carers by substantially reducing the financial burden of purchasing expensive resources.  It is a non-profit scheme that provides each child with textbooks and classroom resources for the entire school year. Please note that this is a voluntary scheme; however, close to 100% of families elect to join, due to the convenience and reduced financial commitment. The scheme allows the school to expose students to a wide range of resources that would otherwise not be affordable.  For example, a student studying English would have access to many textbooks, novels, scripts, magazines and the Internet, all at minimal cost to parent/carers.

NOTE:  Some textbooks are issued to students for the year. Students have access to class sets as required. These books can be taken home when being used for assignments or home study.

Who runs the scheme?

The scheme is run with the consent and endorsement of the School’s Parents and Citizens Association.  The School operates a fully computerised bar-coded system to monitor the borrowing/and return of resources.  Our Resource Centre Staff ensures resources are maintained in good condition. All resources are the responsibility of the student borrower. Should resources be damaged or lost, the replacement cost must be paid.

Benefits of the scheme:

  •  The school attracts a sizeable discount for bulk purchases of textbooks.
  • By processing these books with a protective contact covering, the school will have the use of these texts for a minimum of three (3) years.
  • Some texts such as Mathematics and Science will be required by the students for the whole year and will be allocated accordingly.
  • Other texts, such as readers in English, will be needed by students for only part of the year and can be shared in sets by different classes.
  • We offer a broad and varied curriculum to all students. Textbooks and resources are required for each of the subjects offered, and participation in the scheme offers a considerable saving to parent/carers.
  • Some expensive textbooks are bought as a class set for use by every student.
  • Additional class sets of texts and readers for students of different ability levels can be purchased under this scheme. At the beginning of the school year, the ability level of each student is an unknown factor.
  • Students who are required to change from one level of a subject to another (eg. Senior Mathematics A to Pre-vocational Mathematics) will be able to do so without any additional textbook cost to parent/carers.
  • Most schools have a similar scheme in operation. It has proven to be the preferred method by parents/carers, with almost 100% of families taking part.
  • Students studying subjects that require a loan of cameras/video cameras can access these if they have a signed parental form and fully paid school fees.

How do I join?

  • Parents/Carers sign a Participation Agreement Form agreeing to participate in the scheme. In doing this they also agree that the school accepts their Textbook & Resource Allowance as part payment.
  • On enrolment your Subject/Elective Charge will be calculated and payment of this should be made at the school office.

Please note: Textbooks are generally issued to students (through their subject classes) on signing of Participation Agreement Form and payment of fees or finance payment plan completed and payments commenced.

Late arrivals

Students arriving later in the year fall into several categories:

  • From another school in Queensland

You should apply for a refund of any unused portion of your textbook and resource allowance from your previous school.

Your joining fee at Woree State High School will be: textbook and resource allowance + Student Resources Scheme ($300) + subject specific fees (all pro rata)

  • From a school in another state

The State Government allows your pro‐rata Textbook & Resource Allowance to be claimed by the school if the student is enrolled before the end of Term 3.

Your joining fee at Woree State High School will be: Student Resources Scheme ($300) + subject/elective specific fee (all pro rata).

Special cases

Where a family is experiencing financial hardship they should contact the school office staff as soon as possible to allow special payment arrangements to be made. All payment plans of this nature are absolutely confidential.

Three components of the Student Resources Scheme

These components are: 

  1. What parents/carers are required to provide
  2. What the school provides when the parent / carer accepts to pay the Student Resource Scheme parent contribution fee
  3. What the school provides when your child undertakes an elective subject that has an applicable subject fee.

Text Book Allowance Cheque

To help parents pay for textbooks in secondary schools the State Government provides a textbook and resource allowance for most students.

This is received as a bulk payment to the school.

What the scheme provides

By paying the Parent Contribution Fee your child will receive a range of materials including:

  • Student Planner/School Yearbook
  • Reproduced class workbooks and worksheets which complement and/or substitute for textbooks
  • Student reference materials (e.g. books, audio/video tapes, software access)
  • A photo I.D. card for each student, which is required for borrowing resources.

What the scheme does not provide

The scheme does not provide the basic "consumables" required by students.

Please note that the general stationery is required on the first day of classes.

• Ruler

• Pencil case

• Blue, black and red pens

• HB pencil and good quality Eraser

• Glue stick and scissors

• Paper, note pads, exercise books etc.

What if I do not pay the scheme fee?

If you choose not to participate in the Student Resources Scheme, you would have to supply all textbooks and resources required by your student. Most textbooks range from $30 to $100.

You would also need to apply for the Textbook and Resource Allowance by completing an application form at the school office. Prior to release of this you would be required to pay the consumable resource charge of $125.

Subject Specific Charges would still need to be paid and these carry an additional 20% levy as there is no contribution to the cost of materials by the Textbook & Resource Allowance or Student Resources Scheme.

Additional expenses for Student Planner ($15), additional internet, student ID card ($5), Yearbook ($15 approx.) and Arts Council visits ($10) would also be incurred.

Should you choose not to participate in the Student Resource Scheme, you are required to complete the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form, tick ‘no’ and return this form to the Woree High School Office. Also you will be required to pay a fee for any school produced items as indicated and provide all text books and associated items included in the Student Resource Scheme.

How do I participate in the scheme fee?

Should you choose to participate in the Student Resource Scheme, you are required to complete the Student Resource Scheme Participation Agreement Form for each of your children by ticking ‘yes’ and return this form to the Woree High School Office and make payment. Your child will be issued with the resources from the School Library once payment, or a payment plan, has been received.

Subject fees

The subject fees are applicable to the relevant elective subject and remain payable regardless of whether you are participating in the Student Resources Scheme or not as this fee is the cost of providing the elective subject.

Payment of student resource scheme fees

Payment of Student Resource Scheme fees are payable at the Woree High School Office. Payments can be made by cash, credit card or cheque. BPay is available and payment plans are available. Payment plans can be via Centrelink or through negotiation with the school's accounts department. All payment plans require a $50.00 deposit per student. Please contact the Woree High School Office to make arrangements to participate in a payment plan.

When do I pay?

The school’s budget is formulated on the presumption that charges will be paid in Term 1. Resources (i.e. new textbooks) are ordered and payment committed in the previous year. It is therefore necessary that payment is made in a quick and timely fashion.

Invoices are usually produced before end of February each year. We encourage a payment plan to be in place prior to end of Term 1. The office is open for your convenience the week prior to commencement of school from 8.00am to 3.30pm.

A $100.00 deposit is required at the time of enrolment. Various payment options are available at the school office including:

- A single payment for the full year's fee (by the end of February)

- Instalment plan as negotiated with the school (weekly/fortnightly)

Via CentrePay / Internet Banking / BPoint / Credit Card.

Payment plans must be finalised by the end of Term 3. Please see the school administration for more information.

Will I be asked to pay any more?

Optional activities and excursions are not included in the Subject/Elective Charges. You will be notified during the year of such events through consent forms sent home with your child i.e. local area excursions etc. Costs for these will be advised on the consent form and can be paid at the school office.

What if I leave or change course?

Students who leave or change course during the year receive a pro‐rata refund of their scheme payment. When changing courses, if applicable, pro‐rata fees will be charged.

What if textbooks are lost or damaged?

The form signed by parents/carers indicates that textbooks always remain the property of the school and that those books negligently lost or damaged must be replaced at parental cost.

Last reviewed 19 February 2020
Last updated 19 February 2020